Some time in the early 1980’s an elderly man by the name of Harold Johnson walked into a camera store. He had been taking photographs for years, but today he was about to purchase a camera that would create a legacy. Harold walked up to the counter and explained to the sales man that he wanted a classic camera that was built to last the test of time. Whether Harold knew it or not, this would be the last camera he would ever purchase. The salesman opened the display case and showed him one of the finest cameras in the store, the Pentax ME. Harold instantly knew that this was the camera he was looking for. Crafted with precision, the metal frame just felt right in his hand. Harold walked out with that Pentax and captured his family pictures and adventures for years to come.


Years later Harold passed away soon shorty after his wife. Possessions were divided among family, and the Pentax sat inconspicuously in its case. Harold’s granddaughter found it and took the camera case home. There it sat in a closet for another 10 years.

Almost completely forgotten about, the Pentax was picked up again. This time however, it was not held by the hands of an old man, but instead by a young man just entering college. Harold’s great grandson Sean Robert had found the camera in his mothers closet and appreciated the same things about the Pentax that Harold did. It was finely built, and felt comfortable in his hand. Sean decided to use the camera for his college photography course that semester. The Pentax traveled not just to campus, but also to South America as Sean photographed his trip into the Amazon jungles of Peru. There he fell in love with photography and started his journey that continues to this day.

The passion of photography is reignited on every shoot by Sean Robert Photography. The heritage of Harold's love for capturing his family's special memories continues to this day, and can be a part of your family's story. When you partner with us, we create family heirlooms that will last generations and build a legacy for your family. Hand crafted leather albums and museum quality prints will preserve memories and details that will never be forgotten.